PANTOGRAFO - Oxicorte Plasma

Why work with us?

Betonok Machines works every day to integrate new technologies for cutting systems in an economical and competitive.

From Betonok Maquinaria see the importance of good advice, basically if this is done on time, ie prior to making a technical decision. In addition, our advisory work is not limited to the initial search stage equipment, but we are also present during the post-sale.

Our work does not end after the installation of the machine; our customers have our personal attention and free phone to solve your cutting problems, production, repairs and all those questions related to the machine operation.

It is also very important that the facility be made according to safety standards, managing to avoid any problems during the warranty period.

We conducted training courses, in this way we ensure the correct use of equipment and we also talk about a "common technical language" that enables us to maintain a fluid communication future. It explains not only the use of software tools but also the tricks and lessons learned over many years.

Unlike other manufacturers Betonok Maquinaria integrates all elements and services needed to start working with the machine immediately. Finecutter integrates cutting machine, plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting and cutting software.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

As part of our quality and warranty policy, we have adopted a commitment of customer satisfaction, for which for the purchase of your machine Finecutter ™.We deliver the machine in the Iberica Peninsula.

We installed of the equipment in their facilities.

We installed FastCAM ® software on your computer and we provide online support for 90 days. (Minimum Requirements PC: Pentium III 1 GHz or faster, CDs, 256MB of RAM. 95/98/ME/XP Windows operating system or Windows NT4/2000, VGA display with 800x600 resolution or higher graphics card, A port Free USB, Monitor 17 ")

Training in the use of CNC Finecutter and FastCAM to qualify employees at their facilities.Betonok Maquinaria works every day to integrate new technologies for cutting systems in an economical and competitive.