The two roll bending system is the easiest and
fastest the market can give today
Projected and manufactured to bend thin material these machines are
able to close very small diameters
if compared with the performances of normal three and four roll bending machines.
Electro-welded frames.

Three powered rolls with hydraulic motors installed directly on them.

Planetary roll movements and rolls parallelism control by massive torsion bars.

No maintenance needed.
This is the newest evolution in the field of plate bending machines.
Two driven rolls with hydraulic pinching pressure adjustment grant
the very good driving of material. It is the simplest to use, the most versatile
and the quickest machine nowadays present on market.
Machine to bend Guard Rails
Shaping machine
Vertical plate bending machine
Short machine for medium thickness
Short machine for thick material

Photo gallery of some of our heavy duty machines we built throughout the years.
Three smooth surface motorized rolls.
Works both horizontal and vertical axes.
Monolithic structure in electro welded steel.
Three dimensional moving side guides standard on all models.
Two digital readouts standard on all models.

A full range af accessories and optionals made that can be selected from a wide range and adapted to all your production needs.