The energy in balance with the nature

It is understood by environment to the surroundings that affect the alive beings and condition specially the circumstances of life of the people or the society in its life. It includes/understands the set of natural, social and cultural values existing in a place and a little while determined, that they influence in the life of the human being and in the coming generations. That is to say, one is not only as intangible space in which the life is developed but that also includes alive beings, objects, water, ground, air and the relations among them, as well as elements as the culture. The World-wide Day of Environment is celebrated the 5 of June.

7 good reasons

Reinbold crushers have been in use successfully worldwide for many decades. The mechanical design is constantly being improved and brought into line with the current state of the art.

At the head of the company is Michael Grimm, who has many years of experience in the recycling sector. Cutting-edge technology and a perfect cost-benefit ratio are the guarantee for a positive future for Reinbold Entsorgungstechnik GmbH

Pellets is small cylinders done by means of pressed to high temperature. The raw material is residual wood (serrines and rest of the industry of the wood). They have a diameter of 5-6 mm and a length of 10-25 mm. For the pressed one additives are not used. The Pellets has a high calorific power and its combustion is of neutral emissions. The ashes that produce even can be used as valuable installment in the garden.
The advantages:
* It is a natural product, of local origin and renewable
* Of CO2-neutral emissions
* Of easy and clean transport, distribution and storage
* They offer a great comfort in Stable
heating * in the days of crisis
the development of the production of Pellets of wood one goes back at beginnings of the Eighties, with the beginning of the crisis of petroleum and was born like an alternative in the search of new power plants. In the EE.UU the first stoves of heating with pellets were developed and in Sweden they come designed the first boilers from great power. Austria nowadays plays a great roll in the production and development of domestic and industrial boilers of pellets, being the exported Austrian products to all the European countries, EE.UU and Japan.

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1. Pellets is a productonatural, of local production and renewable and, unlike which it happens to the gas, petroleum and uranium, they will be available for the next generations.
2. With pellets he is one to the crisis margin and variations of the international market.
3. The Pellets has a high calorific power and is of emissions CO2-neutral. With the use of pellets, one can contribute significantly to the reduction of injurious gases for the atmosphere, contributing to protect the medioambiente.
4. The Pellets is clean and easy to provide. One can buy them by kilos or order a complete provision of pellets for all the season by means of a truck.
5. The Pellets needs only half storage space that the wood chips. The transport as well as the storage of pellets do not mean a danger for the medioambiente.
6. Buying Pellets, we contributed to the local economic development, and it is created new jobs.
7. For the production of pellets it does not come cut no tree. They come mainly used rest from the industry of the wood.